Chris Ihler

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Leadership profile

Chris Ihler is the Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Digital Decarbonization LLC., as well as the CEO of EnergyLink Decarbonization Solutions. As a founding member of ELDS, Ihler coordinates operations, joint ventures and project development. He also oversees two funds co-sponsored by ELDS that service the rapidly growing decarbonization sector. These funds provide development capital and project finance for assets in the sector.

Mr. Ihler is also CEO of Climate Commodities Renewable Power which operates ELDS.

Mr. Ihler is the Chief Executive Officer of EnergyLink, a fully integrated and nationally certified ESCO that specializes in financial modeling and creating project funding opportunities. The EnergyLink team has extensive experience managing complex & integrated project installations for solar, batteries, energy efficiency and automation applications both in front of and behind the meter.

Throughout his 12 years of experience in decarbonization, Ihler has become a known thought leader in the renewable energy industry and energy financing space. He offers a skilled perspective on ESG and the intersection between sustainability and financial return.

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