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Build to suit Tier 2 & 3 data centers

Digital Decarbonization LLC enables rapid deployment of sustainable data centers in the United States. Corporations looking to invest in digitization are provided with curated land prospects for modern data center sites and a detailed design-build plan to feasibly engineer, fund, and construct enterprise-grade facilities to meet their carbon neutrality goals.

Build to Suit Renewable Data Centers for Enterprise Corporations
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18+ states

With available data center sites in the continental US and Puerto Rico

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To manage the design, build and funding of your next sustainable data center

CDCDP Certified

meet corporate digitization and carbon neutrality goals with our sustainable data centers

Solar for enterprise data centers

Site selection

DD LLC owns and operates land across the continental US and Puerto Rico that meets all regulations as a viable site for a data center

Data center design

Once a site is selected, ELDS will develop engineering renderings of the data center to ensure it meets all required specifications.

Data center construction

The data center will be constructed with a solar + storage microgrid system fully integrated to provide a full off-grid power source

a full suite of data center development services

EPC services

Our team designs and procures all assets to construct the data center and renewable power support based on required specifications.

Renewables & power support

All DD LLC data centers are equipped with 30 MW+ solar + storage microgrid systems containing full on-site independent power support.

Coupled REC program

The distribution and sale of renewable energy certificates derived from system performance are coordinated by ELDS.

Capital team

Our funding partnerships with our construction partner and Climate Commodities International provide full funding for all data center and sustainable assets.

Post construction support

Solar + storage operations and maintenance, and measurement and verification of system performance are managed by our integrated partner, EnergyLink.